A comeback win for Kimi Raikkonen in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2012!

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A great comeback win by Kimi Raikkonen Abu Dhabi GP 2012 – What a race! A race that we expect Mclaren will dominate. But this is the real joy of formula 1, everything can happen so quickly. Well, what a great comeback win! Something that Michael Schumacher failed to do, return from retirement and head for a victory on his comeback. So Kimi now become the 8th win of this thrilling 2012 season of formula 1.

Considering the starting grid position and the beginning of the race everyone must expect that Lewis Hamilton could easily win the race. Kimi finally took the lead on the 20th lap when McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton retired because of a fuel pressure problem and then avoided the half-dozen crashes and collisions that twice brought out the safety car.

And there is also some funny things about his team radio. Kimi was at his most animated when being given instructions by his team during the race. “Leave me alone,” he said. When he was exhorted to look after his tyres he shouted: “Yes, yes – I know what I’m doing!” lols…

Kimi Raikkonen win in Abu Dhabi 2012 B

"Thank You Guys"

One thing I want to point out here is not his pace, aggressiveness, or the brilliance that made the win but his composure and maturity, as we saw his lead by over 8 seconds is by the safety car. A composure to make a most out of the race restart after safety car in. A composure to keep Alonso from attacking and attempt to overtake. A composure not to make a single mistake throughout this year!

Kimi-Raikkonen-2012-Abu-Dhabi-Grand-Prix C


And this is some of interview with Kimi after the race, (from formula1.com):

Q: How does it feel to take your 19th win ?
Kimi Raikkonen:
I’m very happy for the team – and myself – but mainly for the all the crew here and everyone at Enstone. It’s been a hard season and I feel this win is well deserved for everyone and just what we need. It’s also something great for all the fans who have continued to support me and the team. We’ve not had the easiest time in the last few races. Hopefully this gives everyone more belief, not just for everyone working at the track and at the factory, but for everyone behind the scenes running the team. I hope this can turn around the tables and give us many more good races and wins; if not this year, then next year.

Q: How does this win stack up against the other 18?
To be honest it’s just another win on the list for me. It’s great of course, because it’s been a few years, but the wins prior to this one were very similar; we didn’t have the best car, but we fought and still won. It’s great to win now, so people will stop asking me if I can win or not, and at least it makes it a bit clearer!

FORMULA 1 - Kimi-Raikkonen-win-in-Abu-Dhabi-2012

"Lets take pose"

Q: Is it good that you’ve answered that ‘when’s the win coming’ question?
I never cared really what people think – if I don’t finish the next race, then they’ll think that I’m as bad as that race. I’ll just do my thing, and if I’m happy with what I’m doing and it’s the best it can be for the team, then that’s that. So I really don’t care if people are thinking differently of me now, than what they did three hours before the race.

Q: Tell us about your emotions as you took the chequered flag?
I’m happy, but there’s nothing to jump around about. We still have a few races to go, I’ll try to do the same again. For sure, we’re going to have a good party tonight and hopefully tomorrow, when we are feeling bad after a long night, we will remember how we feel. I’m just happy for everybody in the team.

Q: How long will your celebrations of this win last?
I have almost two weeks. As long as I manage to get myself to the next race I think the team is happy. Maybe I will try to get home at some point.

Kimi-Raikkonen-2012-Abu-Dhabi-Grand-Prix D

"Time for a champagne... or not"

Okay thats my post about Abu Dhabi grand prix 2012 and a comeback win by Kimi. I’m also apologize for not updating this blog regularly. And at last, if you’re also a real fans of Kimi, lets leave your comment below!

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